Swedish Innovation Shines at CES: Beyond Expectations and Towards a Sustainable Future

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), an arena renowned for showcasing global innovation and technology, the Swedish contingent led by the Sweden-US Green Transition Initiative, made a significant impact. With an initial target of engaging 100 Swedish companies and organizations, the initiative remarkably exceeded expectations by connecting with 134 entities. This achievement not only highlights the growing influence of Swedish technology in the global market but also reinforces Sweden's commitment to innovation and sustainability.

The Swedish presence at CES was marked by two main events that drew considerable attention. The first, a Swedish Networking Breakfast, saw an overwhelming response with over 134 companies and organizations participating and 250 attendees. This event provided a unique opportunity for Swedish innovators to showcase their products and technologies, fostering collaborations and strengthening ties within the Swedish tech community.

In addition to this, a joint Nordic Networking BBQ was organized, attracting over 300 participants. This event underscored the collaborative spirit of the Nordic countries and provided a broader platform for networking, discussions, and the exchange of ideas in technology and business.

A highlight of the Swedish participation at CES was the special focus on electrification and sustainability, in partnership with ABB e-mobility. This collaboration emphasized the pivotal role of sustainable technology in the future of mobility and energy. The discussions and presentations revolved around innovative solutions and strategies to advance the transition to a more sustainable and electrically powered future.

The success of these events and the overall impact at CES could not have been achieved without the leadership and coordination of key organizers including Tomas Bennich, Sweden-US Green Transition Initiative, KPMG, Teknikföretagen, Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency, and the Embassy of Sweden in the USA, Business Sweden. Their efforts have not only elevated the presence of Swedish technology at CES but have also paved the way for future collaborations and advancements in sustainable technology.

In conclusion, the Swedish delegation's achievement at CES represents more than just exceeding a numerical target. It signifies the burgeoning role of Swedish innovation on the global stage, particularly in advancing sustainable and technological solutions. As we reflect on the success at CES, it is clear that Swedish companies and organizations are not only participants but are increasingly becoming leaders in shaping a technology-driven, sustainable future.