Science Diplomacy Summit 2024

The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg Center hosted the inaugural Science Diplomacy Summit on April 15-16 in Washington, DC. This pivotal event convened a diverse assembly of researchers, experts, and representatives from diplomatic and corporate sectors to explore integrating science with diplomacy to address pressing global challenges. Amid the escalating climate crisis, the summit underscored the critical need for scientific insights in shaping policies that promote a collaborative approach to achieving a net-zero future. 

Linda Andrén, Executive Director of the Sweden-US Green Transition Initiative (GTI), was a prominent speaker at the event. She detailed Sweden's leadership in the green transition, focusing on sustainable city governance, decarbonization of transport, and building sectors. Andrén also highlighted the importance of international partnerships in reaching established climate objectives.

This gathering at Johns Hopkins provided a significant networking opportunity and a platform for rich discussions on science diplomacy. With plans to make the Science Diplomacy Summit an annual event, Johns Hopkins University aims to continue fostering these crucial dialogues.