GTI Attends SACC-USA's Executive Forum 2023

GTI attended SACC-USA's Executive Forum 2023, exploring topics related to energy, international security, transportation, politics, and business. Segments of particular interest to GTI included Energy Security, on global energy supply and clean energy capacity, and investing in green start-ups and sustainable development. Notably, leading Swedish transportation companies presented their electrification technology: Scania, CAKE and Einride.

The transport industry is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, and as such, it is a major contributor to climate change. Electrifying the transport industry can help reduce these emissions, which is crucial for meeting global emissions reduction targets and mitigating the impacts of climate change. Comparing the transportation system with, a factory, the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) is very low. There is huge inefficiency in the transport system when it comes to degree of filling the lorries, due to lack route optimization and excessive wait times. We do have the technology to increase efficiency and significantly reduce CO2 emissions, so what is lacking? In the panel around transport system, moderated by GTI’s Linda Andrén, participants had the chance to take a broad look at the transportation system as a whole and the opportunity to listen to industry experts. The technology is available and now investments are needed to expand usage of the technology and to build the infrastructure. To enable the scaling of electrification of transport it is important to look at the total cost of ownership. Furthermore, different solutions will be used for different applications, i.e. for long haul shipments another energy source will be used as for shorter distances where electricity will be sufficient and it will be easier to optimize charging and the time used for the charging itself.

GTI is very thankful to Karin Hammar, SACC US for the opportunity to contribute to this amazing event.

In photos: Niklas Reinedahl, General Manager North America, Einride, Lina Ankargren, Director of Engineering, Scania Group and Linda Andrén, Executive Director, Sweden-U.S. Green Transition Initiative