Marcus Rönngren Liu Delivers Inspiring Lecture at UC Berkeley

Marcus Rönngren Liu, Senior Project Manager at the Sweden-US Green Transition Initiative, recently had the honor of guest lecturing at the University of California, Berkeley's Department of City & Regional Planning. Joined by Andreas Netz from Vinnova, Rönngren Liu presented "Strategy and Implementation" — a deep dive into the collaborative efforts of the Sweden-US Green Transition Initiative.

The lecture highlighted the innovative system pilots currently transforming sustainable urban development. Rönngren Liu and Netz discussed the initiative’s approaches to overcoming challenges in this field, utilizing the interdisciplinary environment at DCRP that integrates political science, anthropology, engineering, and more.

The session spurred engaging and dynamic discussions among students about the future of urban planning and the socio-spatial evolution of cities and regions. Rönngren Liu expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to interact with future leaders in the field and to contribute to their educational journey.

"We are grateful for the chance to share our experiences and insights with such bright minds," Rönngren Liu commented. "Thanks to Dr. Marc A. Weiss for this wonderful opportunity, and we look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts with the next generation of urban planners."

Stay tuned for more updates on our initiatives and further collaborations!

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