JHU Science Diplomacy Seminar

Science must shape diplomacy to create a more sustainable future.

Last Friday, GTI’s Linda Andren participated in the Johns Hopkins Science Diplomacy Hub “Science Meets Regions: Northwestern Europe” event. Linda presented Sweden’s sustainability strengths, focusing on energy security and decarbonization. bilder science deplomacy.jpg

The climate challenge has raised the stakes for science and diplomacy. Scientific perspectives are needed now more than ever to influence policy towards a collaborative, net-zero future. The seminar coincided with the ongoing COP28 summit, reiterating the importance of diplomacy to leverage scientific innovations to reach a global green transition.

GTI works alongside the Embassy of Sweden, the Swedish Energy Agency, Vinnova, and Business Sweden to support the green transition. GTI is honored to be invited by Johns Hopkins University to exchange knowledge amongst accomplished diplomats, researchers, and academics.