HUD Delegation to Sweden and Housing Symposium

GTI had the privilege of taking part in the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (US HUD) delegation to Sweden.

On June 29th, as part of the delegation’s visit, GTI participated in a high-level seminar on The Green Transition, Housing and Industrialized Construction in the USA and its relevance to Sweden. Linda Andrén, Director of GTI, presented on GTI’s program and ongoing US-Sweden collaboration to advance the green transition. As a whole, the seminar explored the present situation in the US as regards Green Transition, Housing and Industrialized Construction and its effects on different stakeholders. Speakers included representatives from US HUD and US Department of Energy (DOE) in addition to academics, architects, and housing developers. The event examined the US market for green solutions in housing and construction, exploring why Swedish solutions could be leveraged in an American context.

On June 30th, GTI attended the Global Offsite Innovation Frameworks Symposium to learn more about industrialized housing manufacturing. Linda Andrén participated in a panel discussion on Sweden’s industrialized house building sector, exploring how this topic aligns with aims of the Green Transition. Throughout the Symposium, speakers from Sweden, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan shared insights into advancing modular housing and impactful frameworks to scale these solutions.

GTI’s participation provided a strong green perspective, emphasizing the sustainability benefits of modular housing and industrialized construction.