Viable Cities Partners with Sweden-US Green Transition Initiative

Viable Cities partners with GTI to drive knowledge exchange among climate-neutral cities in the United States

Viable Cities and The Sweden-US Green Transition Initiative will collaborate with Swedish, European and American stakeholders to promote knowledge transfer for climate neutrality and showcase solutions through system demonstrators and systempilots.

Viable Cities and The Sweden-US Green Transition Initiative are partnering to accelerate climate-neutral cities in the United States. With the goal of fostering climate-neutral cities, the partnership will establish mechanisms for knowledge exchange and system demonstrators between Swedish, European and American city stakeholders. Viable Cities and The Green Transition Initiative will showcase Swedish investment models and approaches to cross-stakeholder collaboration, informed by climate-neutral pathways spearheaded by Sweden’s Climate City Contract.

“Nordic cities can learn a lot from the United States on mission-oriented innovation. Sweden also brings knowledge to the US, especially our strengths in working with different types of stakeholders in an urban climate context. I believe we will find synergies working with American partners so we can share and develop innovative tools and demonstrators for climate-neutral cities” says Olle Dierks, manager for large-scale investments at Viable Cities.

“This is a very exciting project, to increase knowledge sharing between cities and contribute to acceleration of green transition, by showcasing solutions and concrete examples. We hope to create positive stories which de-mystify the green transition and make it more tangible, but also to drive bigger impact by policy innovations based on our mutual learnings,” says Linda Andrén, Executive Director Sweden-US Green Transition Initiative.

The project aims to secure strong collaborations with great potential for knowledge exchange in climate-neutral cities between Sweden and the United States during 2024. The Viable Cities and Green Transition Initiative partnership will implement its first initiative in 2024, with the potential to continue into 2025. In addition to its leading organizations, the partnership will draw support from other Swedish actors in climate, innovation, and policy.

Viable Cities

Viable Cities' mission is Climate Neutral Cities 2030 with a good life for all within planetary boundaries. Together with cities - municipalities, business, academia and civil society - and public authorities, we work to create ecologically, economically and socially sustainable cities. Cities that work well for the people who live in them, that are good for the economy of citizens, businesses and society - and - that are good for the climate and our planet.

In our major initiative Climate Neutral Cities 2030 , 23 Swedish municipalities - together accounting for 40% of Sweden's population - are working with us and six authorities to achieve the mission. Our central tool for this is Climate Contract 2030.

Viable Cities is one of 17 strategic innovation programmes supported in a joint initiative by Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency and Formas.

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Sweden-US Green Transition Initiative

The Sweden-US Green Transition Initiative aims to accelerate Swedish American collaboration in the transition toward a low-carbon economy. Since the opening of its Washington DC office in November 2022, it has established pilot projects that showcase innovative solutions, with the goal of paving the way for a green transition. With support from the Embassy of Sweden in USA, Business Sweden, the Swedish Energy Agency, and Sweden's innovation agency Vinnova, the initiative promotes more sustainable solutions in various sectors.

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