Automation Region Webinar

At a webinar hosted by the Automation Region and PiiA (Process Industrial IT and Automation), GTI discussed “Insights into the Swedish and American Industry” during a webinar on “How to Access the American market” for Swedish SMEs. Linda Andren and Michael Salter from the GTI team presented the GTI program and its new initiatives for Sustainable Industry applications.

While Swedish industry has reduced its usage of carbon-based energy supply to less than 25% of the total, over 85% of the USA industrial energy supply in 2021 came from carbon-based sources (petroleum, natural gas, or coal). The new mega-funding programs from the Biden administration in the USA (BIL, IRA, CHIPS) provide over 550 billion USD over 10 years with the goal to change that.

Increased federal funding has created an enormous wave of opportunity for Swedish clean-tech companies and research organizations working on innovations for sustainable industry. Swedish advances in machinery, chemical, automotive, forestry, electrical equipment, steel, and mining position its industries well to engage the growing US market for climate tech.

Sweden is leading Europe and the world in the path to a net-zero economy through innovation and collaboration between the public and private sectors. The high level of industrial innovation in Sweden is especially evident in the Automation Region network and within Sweden's strategic innovation programs like PiiA. A stellar example of this was presented at the webinar by Liquid Wind, a company manufacturing carbon-neutral eMethanol by combining captured CO2 capture with green hydrogen.

The webinar provided a strong overview of Swedish solutions, the American market, and potential opportunities for synergy.